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The Fitterfirst 8ft Slide Board has been a favorite on-land training tool of hockey players, speed skaters and figure skaters for years. Simulate athletic movements in an off-ice training environment. With an adjustable width of five to eight feet, the slide board can be used to replicate the long stride of speed skaters or the short, quick strides of hockey goalies.

Winter sports training doesn't have to end when the ice melts! With the slide board from Fitterfirst, you can easily simulate the movements used in hockey, figure skating, speed skating and skiing. The slide board provides a smooth, smooth surface that can be used to practice skating and skiing maneuvers and continue to build muscle and precision, even after the winter season is over. The deck is adjustable from 5 feet to 8 feet to replicate the short strides of a hockey player or the long strides of a speed skater. The Slide Board provides year-round specialized training for winter sports athletes.

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